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W.A.S. // What about sharing?
Worldwide community and participative website about creative and involve projects.

C.D.C. // Centre de Développement Culturel
Cultural Center at St-Martin-de-Crau, France : shows, activities, exhibitions and cinema.

Collective made of passionate musicians, that played at first for the enjoyment of sharing this love for music.

Ecological minded business, specialized in the electric mobility that inclued the solar energy.

W.I.N. // Women's Intercultural Network
Non-profit that got the mission to give to all women and girls a voice. Worldwide organization, that created various events, and optimize contacts between women and politics.

Les Accessoires d'Audrey
Fashion brand, highlighting the attitude of each individual, its special personality.

Marie-Pierre Llorca
Creative one, Marie-Pierre pass her passion of art, help children and adults to cultivate their own creativity using mostly recycled materials.

Bissap Baobab Village
A little part of Africa in the middle of San Francisco. Bissap Baobab Village is a senegalese/West African restaurant, a bar, a club, and a place for various events promoting the African, brezilian, jamaicane, haitian culture. And so much more! A very active little family that pass the african happiness.

N.A.M. // New America Media
N.A.M. is a media non-profit about communities and ethnicities, editing several free newspapers, often in two languages. Working with youth (teenagers, incarcerated or homeless ones), to giving them a voice and to support their ownmedia creation. Organizing conferences and events about health, food, poverty, social disparities or housing issues...



Friends... Projects I would like to support... Possionating things!


How they said : ideas are woth spreading ! Ideas, innovations, point of views, shared and explained by scientist, researcher, psychologist, artist and businessman... New videos each week, to get positive energies and be motivate everyday !

Worldwide travelers community, to share, to trade cultures and adventures.

Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars & Black Nature Band
I've got to know this music because of my friend Jeffrey Black Nature, member of the band. A band that spread the joy of living and the good energy, engage for peace and respect.
Jeffrey is the starting point of Black Nature Band, reggae vibrations for peace, love and tolerance.

Nahko & medecine for the people & Dustin Thomas
Music for the soul, the self understanding, the earth, the respect and the recognition... Medecine for the people is a healing soul by music, voices, dance, art, yoga, and positive energy... It's some beautiful people, down to earth, and very generous.

Carolin Rechberg
Carolin is a poetic artistic and beautiful soul. It's a down to earth woman, a friend that fill me in with joy and smiles...

Pierre Ditsambou
Pierre illustrate his life, the Gabon's culture, the African one, what touch or outrage him...
And all that with an african humor of course !

Allen Meyer
He is the creative director with who I'd work at New America Media.
I like how he dedicates most of his work to the human aspect ratheir than the commercial one.

Rebecca Kleinmann
Brezilian Jazz flute player, Rebecca carry us in the simple enjoyment of hamronies and sharing music with friends.

Candy Chang
A social and community graphic designer. She use her graphic designer tools for non-commercial purposes, to inform communities on their rights, create links between the people, encourage theim to react and get involve !

Beside the fashion/retro side, Lomography drive the film photography to a wider public, and more adapted to our contemporary world. Not only creating lighter, colorful and fun products, they organized a community of film photography lovers.

Illegal Art
Artist collective of involved ones, that encourage the public to participate to their projects.

Just imagine
Inspiration, ideas, craft, and recycling... !

Water from Heaven
A non-profit that get to Napalese children colors, creativity, and music.

Sean Wes
Sean share and teach his passion for hand drawing letter's font.

An USB popping out of a wall ?
It should be a dead drops! Share anonymously stuffs with strangers... Yes share, share, and share !

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